Personalisation: the latest consumer must-have

By June 23, 2016 No Comments

In recent years, across varying product types, customers have displayed a real demand for personalisation opportunities and the chance to have a particular product that is strictly their own, and unique to anybody else’s.  Already a popular feature with product types such as clothing and handbags, the latest company to introduce personalisation opportunities is Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, who have partnered with Fluid, an Oakland based e-commerce software developer, to announce the opening of their new Fender Mod Shop. The Mod Shop is a digital studio-like experience that gives customers the chance to design a guitar to their own specific preference using an array of available customizable options. The mod shop can be experienced at:

For truly passionate guitar enthusiasts, the chance to have a personalised, high quality guitar is undoubtedly a highly attractive proposition. It will give guitarists the opportunity to individualise what is an iconic model of guitar, and provide a timeless collectible that can potentially be passed through family generations for decades, or even centuries to come.

At Standby Guitars, we are strong advocates of providing customers, and particularly guitar enthusiasts, with the chance to have and enjoy bespoke products that they can be invested in and have a genuine emotional attachment to. Our premium, bespoke guitar stands enable us to give enthusiasts this invaluable emotional attachment to a product that they can cherish as theirs and theirs only, whilst displaying their guitar collection in the style and beauty it deserves.