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A universal truth about guitar collectors is that they recognise beauty when they see it.  From the soft curves on a Gibson to the classic style of a Fender – these are not mere objects.  They were designed by master craftsmen for master craftsmen.

That’s the thing about creating something truly beautiful.  It should be celebrated.  It should be proudly displayed.

Standby Guitars are dedicated to creating completely bespoke, handcrafted guitar stands.  We work with you to design and create the perfect size, perfect style and the perfect finish to the make the perfect home for your guitar collection.  That’s the beauty of custom-made.  There is no compromise.

That’s what we’re all about.  Your guitars.  Displayed in style.

Andy Hepburn: Director

“Music has always been a passion of mine, particularly since my retirement from the successful engineering company I co-founded. Upon retiring, I’ve become an avid guitar enthusiast and collector. One day, a mixture of my wife Maxine’s displeasure at guitars lying around the house, and a fruitless search for a guitar stand, prompted me to craft my own. The feedback I received on the stand made the birth of the Standby Guitars brand the natural next step. At Standby Guitars, we take great care and pride in creating the highest quality bespoke, luxury guitar stands, complementary to any household setting. Your guitar collection, displayed in style.”

Multi Guitar Stands

We know that guitars can be expensive so you want to keep them safe, but you also want the flexibility to play whenever you like.  Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do so when they’re in their box at the back of your cupboard.

At Standby Guitars, we pride ourselves on an ability to provide bespoke guitar stands to meet everyone’s needs and in a style that will be welcome in any home.

We facilitate the ability to produce guitar stands that fit either 3 or 5 guitars (electric and/or acoustic) in the steel profile (chrome, matte grey, black or red), G-type, F-type, or a mixture of G-type and F-type forms.

Our stands weigh approximately 22kg (think of a large suitcase filled for your 2 week holiday) and each one has protective coverings where your guitar sits against the stand.  We also ensure that there is enough space between each guitar so they won’t damage one another.  If you have a few of the larger guitars in your collection, let us know and we’ll chat you through more options.

So if you’re looking for a stunning stand to keep your beloved guitars safe and allow you to pick them up and play, or even just to look at them, get in touch today and you could have your handmade stand in your home within the next 3 weeks.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we can create the perfect guitar stand for your collection.

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Absolutely beautiful stand! Superb quality and great service!


5 Stars!


Top quality product, never find this anywhere else. Love it!


The guitar stand is fantastic. I was quite surprised with how heavy it was and so well-constructed. It very much compliments our living space and has already started to become a bit of a discussion point amongst guests.



If you are interested in getting your own guitar stand and displaying your collection in the style it deserves, we’d love to hear from you. For all enquiries, please feel free to call us on the number provided, or fill in the contact form.

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